The wellbeing of your most important asset

It is a much heard cliché, but your employees are the most valuable asset of your company. Corona turned a lot of facets of HR upside down and sped up certain processes: home-office in combination with private life, empty offices, videoconferencing, flexible working hours, disconnection of the employees, mental wellbeing…. 

Now slowly everything is returning back to the new normal, but due to the Corona virus we have more than ever become aware of our own wellbeing and this in all cases: mentally, sleep, nutrition, use of time, your career, balance between work and private life, movement…. 

And that’s why you put the wellbeing of your employee at the highest level in your calendar. 

A healthy company structure will become an important parameter in the retention of employees but also in the recruitment of new, sometimes hard to find people in an already tight job market! 

Companies who don’t want to use the wellbeing programmes in the work place, eventually pay higher material and immaterial costs. Such as a higher rate of employee changes, lower sales, more expensive health insurances, sick leave, bad customer service. Due to all this the ability to compete and the durability of the company will be affected.

Pieterjan Nuitten

Managing Director Jims Fitness

Why take a fitness membership for your employees? ?

Employees that exercise or who are fit have a proven positive effect on the health of your company. Yup, not only do they become more active and healthier with a fitness membership, but so does your company! 
A fitness membership for your employees thus has its advantages for both employer and employee.


When you work out, you become happier because of the released endorphins. Result? Happy employees, less absenteeism thanks to a higher resistance and a higher productivity.

Team spirit

If colleagues work out together, they get to know each other in another way outside the work environment. This way you strengthen the coherence within the team with the help from JIMS.


A fitness membership is a powerful extra-legal advantage – ideal to reward your current staff or to motivate new employees to come and work for your company.

The JIMS membership for employees

Thanks to JIMS your employees can enjoy an all-in fitness membership.

7/7 access in 27 clubs

7/7 access to our network of no less than 27 clubs spread over Belgium and Luxemburg.

Fitness and group classes

Unlimited access to our fitness and group classes such as Spinning, Body Pump, Zumba, Street Work-Out, Kickboxing, functional training,…

Personalized coaching

Personalized online coaching with a dedicated fitness coach.

Full bodyscan

An individual body scan analysis
(measuring fat percentage, muscle mass, weight), including a personalized report.

Free water and sports drinks

No good workout without a good and a correct hydration, free for your employees...

Freeze your subscription

If your out due to illness or you’re on holiday, you can freeze your membership during a period of 4 weeks.

What can I, as employer, do for my people?

JIMS offers different options to employers to invest
in the wellbeing of their employees.

1 The JIMS membership for employees

Your employees can purchase their membership through a special page of your company on our website  
Buying a membership of 1 year with a pre-arranged reduction on the monthly fees . 
As company you can also choose to offer the membership completely for free to your employees as an extra-legal advantage. 

The next elements can be part of the chosen membership:  
• Unlimited access to our network of 24 clubs, 7 days per week.  
• Unlimited access to fitness and group classes such as start to run, Spinning, Body Pump, Zumba, Street Work out, Kickboxing, functional training etc….. The group classes go way further then Zumba. They also contain Small Group Trainings around certain themes (cardio, power for women, etc…). 
• Orientation advice & “Start to workout” 
• Community/ Educational events ( such as food, local events)  
• Personalized online coaching with a dedicated fitness coach.  
• Unlimited full and individual body analysis ( measuring fat percentage, muscle mass, weight), including a personalized report  
• Free sports drinks 
• Constant monitoring van the CO2 ( clean air is guaranteed to work out in all safety)  
• .... 

2 Teambuilding activities

JIMS can also support you as employee in your search of a better wellbeing of your co-workers among other things. 
• One Group Class per month exclusively reserved and made to measure for you in the club or in the office.  
• Personalized  T-shirts with the company logo + goodie bag 
• Company picture and video shoot in the club.  
• Specific sports teambuilding events 
• And so on...

3 Employee wellbeing activities  

Employee wellbeing activities are mostly made to measure and can contain the following topics: 
• Specific workshops around sports, energy management, stress management, stretching at work, sleeping, ergonomics, etc. 
• Dedicated Master Trainer/Person Trainer from the company to give specific sessions, such as start to run, bootcamps, etc..  . 
• Nutritional coaching in cooperation with Smartwithfood ( part of the Colruyt Group )) 
• Etc...

Our coaches are our assets

What makes JIMS so unique? The people who work there! All our coaches are certified, are good at what they do and are passionately engaged with our members on a day to day basis. 
Thanks to our coaches your people immediately feel at home at JIMS and this from day 1!

National coverage

As well as for small enterprises with one branch as for big enterprises with several branches, you can always access JIMS. JIMS has, with its 24 locations in Belgium, a nice national and regional coverage with their presence in most of the big cities in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Find all our clubs here.

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